Steel expansion joints

Steel expansion joints (round)

RoMec Engineering manufactures and supplies a wide variety of bellows, expansion joints and piping assemblies from 80 mm nominal diameter to 6000 mm with process temperatures from 0°C to 900°C.

Pressures for these designs range from full vacuum to 150 bar.

Single-ply, multi-ply, root ring, equaliser ring and spun bellows designs are also available.

For Compensators, designs are in accordance with latest edition of international design codes such as EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association), ASME VIII Appendix 26, ASME B31.3

Steel expansion joints (square)

Rectangular Expansion Joints are designed for low-pressure applications such as air and flue, exhaust and ventilation systems and can be found in the power, petrochemical, refining, chemical, steel and other industries.

Being sized to meet flow requirements, these ducts have no standard sizes, and due to the wide range of pressure and temperature, each rectangular Expansion Joint is custom engineered to deliver the most economical design.

They are manufactured with a variety of convolution and corner profiles that will absorb the movements of the system in which it is installed. Like Round Expansion Joints, Rectangular Expansion Joints absorb all types of movement: axial, lateral and angular.